Bright Showers Affiliate Program

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What is The Bright Showers Affiliate Program?

The Bright Showers Affiliate Program is a great opportunity for our customers to earn extra cash through commissions! This is possible by promoting one of our best-selling products through your own marketing streams. Affiliate marketing is a form of online marketing where people, like you, promote our products with the exchange of commissions through qualified sales to Being a part of our program will give you and your viewers the access to our reliable shower heads!

Why should you join?

Joining our affiliate program will give you the opportunity and potential to create additional revenue from your social media our site. Our great program offers commission to any qualified sale of our products that are listed in our affiliate program!

How do I join The Bright Showers Affiliate Program?

Scroll down to the bottom of our page (bright > Click on Affiliate Link > Sign up with the given questions that are listed > Request to Join our Affiliate Program. Approval will take about 1-3 days. Check you email to find a link for the homepage of our program.

Click here for the affiliate registration link!

You can find your own personalized linked through the homepage once you log in. 


How to be Successful with our Affiliate Program.

Share our products on your site or social media! The ways you can do this is by reviewing or testing our product and posting them! Creating short videos of our product can help increase your sales that will lead to more commission. Some of our affiliates create blogs about our products that inform the viewers on how to install our products! Either way, the content you create can be personalized on however you want to do it!

Once you are done creating content, add your personalized link to the blog or in the description of your post. This will help the viewers navigate our website easier! 

*You will only gain commission if your viewers use your link to purchase the accepted products of our program*

What is a qualified sale?

A qualified sale is a sales transaction for Bright Showers that is not cancelled, declined or returned. 

How much will you earn?

The Bright Showers Affiliate Program offers a great commission on products. Commissions of 15% apply to Bright Shower sales that are not cancelled, declined or returned. 

How often do you get paid?

You can set a time when you want to get paid! Our automated system will pay you every $100 you make. However, if you would like to get paid early, you can send us an email to pay you for the commissions you made and we will happily pay you for what you made! Payment is via PayPal. Please indicate preference via email, if PayPal is not acceptable.

What marketing tools are provided by Bright Showers?

We provide a marketing link and reporting. You are responsible for inserting the Affiliate link in your own website, blog, social, YouTube video, other vehicles.