How can I make the water come out at the same time?
This can be achieved if you turn the dial in between the two spray click settings. Water pressure will be reduced a little having to supply water to both.

How do I remove the regulator?

1) Take out the rubber filter gasket with a flat screwdriver carefully from pivot ball connector.
2) Dig out the flow restrictor with a flat screwdriver or a needle nose plier.
3) Put back the rubber filter gasket.

Is there an on/off switch on the main or secondary shower head?

No, it is controlled through the main on/off knob for the shower. The button on the shower head and handle only control the water spray type/setting.

Whats the diameter of the inlet?

It is G1/2". Its standard size for shower heads.



Does the rainfall and handheld wand work together?

Yes, you can enjoy the water flow from one shower head only, either the handheld or the rain shower head, or both at the same time.

How to install and remove suction cup and reinstall?

Rotate the handle 90°anti-clockwise to looseN the shower holder. Press it on the tiles directly, rotate the handle 90°clockwise to install.

Can we turn off Handheld shower in the handheld settings? Instead of changing 3-way diverter?

No, but it is easy to turn it off from the 3-way diverter. The handheld wand settings can change the types of spray.



Is there a threaded connector to the water line that attaches to the shower arm included?

Yes, there is a shower arm mount that can attach to your existing shower arm

Does it have pause button?

It does not have a pause button.



  • Does the diverter valve let you choose which setting you prefer?

    Yes, it allows you to have full flow to one or the other. Or you can adjust the flow between them.

    What is the distance from the center of uper pipe where the water goes in, to the bottom of the mounting bracket that mounts the sliding bar?

    It's 23 inches.

    Does the water inlet have to be up top or can the water feed come in from the bottom as well?

    It needs to be from the up top, exiting shower arm.

    Does it come with a temperature control?

    It doesn't include the temperature control, which needs to be purchased separately.



  • Can the flow be completely cut off with the shower head lever?

    No, the pause feature reduces the water to a trickle which is intended for lathering and shaving without affecting the temperature settings.

    Does this set come with the elbow for the bottom of the cord?

    No, it does not come with the elbow.

    Is there enough clearance between the wall and the support bar to rotate the shower head 90 degrees so the spray will go straight down?

    You easily rotates to aim the shower head down.




  • Isn't there supposed to be a rubber washer in both ends?

    Yes, the two rubber washers are pre-assembled.

    Can you add a shower filter?

    Yes, it can be used with a water filter If your water filter has G1/2 male & female connections.