Best Materials for a Shower Head

Best Materials for a Shower Head

Did you just move into a new place? Do you want to change your existing shower head and get a better one that fits your needs? If you said yes to any of these two questions, this blog is for you!

Shower heads come in all shapes and sizes. Some shower heads even have different perks so you can determine which one can suit you and your family the best. Before you make your decision, think about the finished material the shower head has to see if it fits your needs and your lifestyle.

When you are looking for a new shower head, you should consider the material that it’s made of. Brass, stainless steel and ABS plastic are the three most common materials used to manufacture shower heads.


This metal alloy has a mixture of Copper and Zinc. This aesthetic combination leaves the shower looking beautiful with the right accessories. Brass is also very sturdy and does not dent or scratch easily so you can have a durable shower head that can last longer than other materials. Brass also is resistant to corrosion and rust!

One great thing about having a brass shower head is that it can withstand super high temperatures. With that being said, it can eliminate dangerous bacteria that are harmful to your family and no microbe colony can live or withstand living in these pipes. 

This material is not for you if you would like to save on your shower head. Brass finishings tend to be more expensive than the other materials. The shower head is also heavier than the other materials so you might need to hire a plumber with bigger shower heads and systems. 

Stainless Steel 

Stainless steel possess high tensile strength and are tough and durable. They are also lightweight because of the low material density the material withholds.

Like the brass material, stainless steel is also resistant to corrosion and rust which makes the shower head last a really long time. The best part about the stainless steel finish is that it is very affordable for most people and it is easy to install.

If cleanliness for a long time is one of your main factors, stainless steel is not the right material for you. This material is affected by bacteria and other microbes. It is not like brass where you do not need to worry about this. Stainless steel requires a frequent clean and maintenance in order for the shower head to run smoothly. 

ABS Plastic

ABS plastic is the cheapest and most affordable material you can find on the market. This material has a wide range of uses and you can find many different designs and colors to fit the aesthetic of your bathroom.

A great feature of this plastic material is how durable it is. If you accidentally drop the shower head while installing it, or you hit it with something hard, the shower head can easily withstand heavy impacts without any degradation. This shower head is also made of organic polymers which means no rust or corrosion can occur.

With all of the pros, there has to be a con. Plastic shower heads are not antibacterial. Which means bacteria can grow inside of these shower heads after a long period of time. With that being said, you should always try to change your shower head every six to eight months with any material you choose! Click here to check out our blog about ways to clean your shower head. 


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