How often should you clean your shower head

How often should you clean your shower head

Believe it or not, shower heads should always be changed every 6 to 8 months. Shower heads can hold colonies of mycobacterium that constantly grow. They can cause illnesses like lung disease and the most common occurrence happens in more dense cities like Southern California, Florida, and New York. This is why replacing your shower head should always be on your to-do list every 6-8 months. 

If you frequently clean and maintain your current shower head, replacing your shower head should not occur as often as it should. If you haven’t cleaned your shower head, toss it and start fresh. Then you can start to clean the new one. 

There are three major components why you should always clean or replace your shower head:

Sediment build up

Sediment build up is the white deposit that you see on the nozzles of your shower head. Even Though the mineral deposits are not harmful to you, it can leave your skin and hair feeling more dry. 

Sediment deposits can also ruin your pipes and fixtures of your plumbing system which can cost you for replacing it. It is much more affordable to prevent this from happening than changing your entire pipe system. 

A great way to clean off your sediment deposit on your shower head is by soaking it with cleaning solutions or with a vinegar mixture to help dissolve the deposit. The best thing to do if your shower head is over six months old is to replace it and start cleaning your shower head on a bi-weekly basis. 


The ideal space for bacteria to grow is inside a shower head. Although most bacteria is harmless, some can cause serious issues to your lungs and other infections. Some people need to go to the hospital due to lung disease or a weak immune system. 

The best and only way to eliminate all bacteria from your shower head is to replace it with a brand new one. 

Black Mold

Black mold is also a common occurrence when forgetting to clean your shower head properly. Getting rid of black mold can be more difficult than sediment deposit so if you can, just replace it. 

Soak your shower head in hydrogen peroxide for an hour. Then you want to rinse the shower head off with warm water and let it sit until it is completely dry. After, twist your shower head onto your shower arm and run the hot water for about six minutes to make sure it works properly. 

If you see any of these signs on your shower head, it is time to either clean it or replace it. Luckily, Bright Showers has many great products with self clean nozzles that can help assist you with the cleaning process. 


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Even with this recommendation, do not ignore the fact of replacing your shower head frequently. With this specific shower head, you most likely do not need to replace this product every six months, with the assumption of cleaning it regularly. But remember to always clean your shower head and look for the certain signs that this article explains.

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