Tips for a Safer Shower to Help Seniors

Tips for a Safer Shower to Help Seniors

Struggling in the shower is very common to the senior population. While bathing, seniors can slip leading to injury, might not have energy to clean every part of their body, or even have trouble just standing up. These fears can lead seniors to refuse to bathe. 

While dealing with a senior, especially a loved one, be patient with them and look at life in their eyes. Seniors have been through a lot of memories and physical pain throughout the years and it's finally catching up to them. 

Let them know that you are on their side. Make bathing a team effort activity and make sure they feel your compassion.

Another way that would be beneficial for a senior in the shower is to get a grab bar for them to keep their balance. Once a senior slips in the shower, it is really hard to get up, especially with a soapy floor. 

Purchasing a handheld shower head is also helpful for the seniors because it is easier for them to maneuver that water around by doing so. 

Luckily, our company has just the right shower system that is suitable for any senior.

BRIGHT SHOWERS Stainless Steel Slide Bar Grab Rail Set Ada compliant Includes Handheld Shower Head and 5 Ft. Hose


This shower head is perfect for a senior because it has a built in grab bar AND has the ability to be a handheld shower. This high pressure shower head has 5 spray settings so anyone can find the right settings for them! With the high pressure and the 5 feet shower hose, this product can make cleaning the shower easier as well. 

The slider bar is adjustable so everyone in the family can shower comfortably. The slide bar can withhold 220 lbs. so you don't need to worry about the the bar breaking while in use. 


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