How to Create a Spa-Like Experience from Home

How to Create a Spa-Like Experience from Home

Showering is mostly a part of everyone’s daily routine. Sometimes it is the most relaxing part of someone’s day, other times it feels like a chore to jump in the shower and get ready for the day or for bed. A shower experience should make you feel more relaxed during and after.

Some people schedule some ‘spa days’ in their showers and use bath bombs and face masks to help them relieve stress from their difficult week. While soaking yourself in your bathtub can feel pampering, it is not everyone’s cup of tea to submerge their entire body in the water. 

Here is a list of ideas of what you can do to enjoy a spa like:

Install a rain shower head

A rain shower head is perfect to create a spa-like experience because the gentle, relaxing flow of water can make you feel like you're standing in a warm rain storm. The shower head should be right above you so it can hit your entire body without it being at an angle. 

BRIGHT SHOWERS Rain Shower heads system including rain fall shower head and handheld shower head with height adjustable holder , solid brass rail 60 inch long stainless steel shower hose

This shower head system is perfect for your everyday spa-like experience. There are two shower heads that come with this system, the rainfall shower head and the handheld shower head. Not only does it have two shower heads, but the hand held shower head has five spray settings, including high pressure massage settings that will help you relieve the pressure in your muscles. 


Add some plants

Having shower plants is very trendy right now, and why not? There are a variety of plants that can live and thrive in the shower due to the humidity from the shower that will keep them healthy. 

The essence of having plants in your shower can bring relaxed feelings for this time. Make sure, while choosing a plant, it can live through indirect light and humidity.

Add essential oils

Essential oils not only smell great, they create a soothing, aromatic experience. You can use a diffuser or place the oils on a washcloth and hang it near the shower head.

Essential oils are great for you as well. They can help boost your mood from a rough day, lessen anxiety and stress, and reduce inflammation. Even on days you do not want to have a spa day, essential oils can be used daily for your health and well being. 

Use soft, fluffy towels

The worst thing about a shower is getting out of the shower. The best thing you can do is to dry off with soft, plush towels to complete the spa experience. 

You will not regret this decision for replacing your old towels with a new set that is soft and more comfortable. You should always replace your towels every two years. Now, if you had your towels for longer than that, switch them out! 



Nothing is more relaxing than hearing your favorite songs that you sing in the shower. It is the last step for creating an ambience. Find a playlist with relaxing music and just vibe out to your whole new relaxing shower experience. 

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