Best Shower Heads for the Entire Family

Best Shower Heads for the Entire Family

Households come in all shapes and sizes. Families can be as big as 10 members or as small as two, not to mention pets. This article will show you some shower heads that are perfect for your needs. 

There are many different kinds of shower heads that suit different purposes for everyone's lifestyle. Some families have a mounted shower head but are oblivious about the benefits of other products that are more suitable for the entire family. 

Families with Seniors

If elders are within the mix of the family household, one thing that you should be thinking about is safety. It is easier for an elderly person to fall in the shower due to the slippery floors and the lack of mobility. Luckily, Bright Showers has a great shower head that serves the purpose to help prevent a slip up in the bathroom. 

BRIGHT SHOWERS Stainless Steel Slide Bar Grab Rail Set Ada compliant Includes Handheld Shower Head and 5 Ft. Hose

This shower head has a slide bar grab rail which is perfect for seniors who have mobility problems. They can hold the rail while bathing to ensure safety and prevent injury. This product also has a hand held shower attached so that everyone in the family can grab the shower head to utilize it the way they want. The shower head has a five setting spray option as well, so it can change to any setting suitable for you. 



If there is only a couple of young lovers in the household. We have multiple shower heads that can suit your needs and aesthetics of your bathroom. Our most popular shower head is right below that showcases two shower heads, one mounted and one hand held, that gives you so many options for you and your spouse. 

BRIGHT SHOWERS Dual Shower Head Combo Set, Handheld Showerhead Rainfall Shower Head Combo with Black Face, 60 Inch Long Stainless Steel Shower Hose

This shower head is great for a couple because of the many settings it has to offer. The fixed shower head has two settings, rain and turbo. The hand held shower head also has two spray settings, rain and waterfall. The turbo setting on the fixed shower head is high pressure which is great to relieve muscle pain. 

This easy-to-install shower head takes less than five minutes to put together and does not need a plumber for assistance. 

Kids and Pets

If kids and pets are involved in the family mix, a hand held shower would be suffice for this lifestyle. The shower head listed below is great, not only for the whole family, but it is kid and pet friendly. 

BRIGHT SHOWERS High Pressure 9 Spray Settings Handheld Shower Head Set, Powerful Water Spray Hand Held Rain Shower with 60 Inch Flexible Hose and Adjustable Shower Arm Mount

This shower head is perfect for kids and pets because of the fact that it’s a hand held shower. When shower heads are mounted on the wall, it can be difficult for children to get a complete wash because they can not control the water like an adult. Adults can simply move the shower head to the right angle. Children will gain more confidence in the shower simply because they can operate this shower head easier as well. 

A hand held shower head is suitable for pets because of how long the reach is on the shower hose. It will make your life easier when washing your pets inside of the bathtub and you can save money by not taking them to the groomer once or twice a month. 

Not only will this shower head benefit kids and pets, but it is easier to clean the bath as well. A mounted shower head can not reach every angle of the shower which can take up more time to clean it. Having a handheld shower head that has multiple setting spray options can be easier to reach the places in the shower that you couldn’t reach with a mounted shower head. 

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