Benefits of a Hand Held Shower Head

Benefits of a Hand Held Shower Head

Hand held shower heads have been popular throughout recent years. These units are attached to your shower wall with, usually, a metal hose. They can be easily removed from the wall to help assist the bathing experience. If you are thinking of renovating your shower or it’s time to change your old shower head, try considering a hand held shower head for its benefits.

Here’s a list of why you should buy a hand held shower head for your household:


Rinsing has never been easier with a hand held shower head. Whether it’s rinsing your leg once you’re done shaving, or rinsing your child’s shoes after getting them all muddy. You can easily remove your hand held shower head from your shower wall to rinse out certain spots without jumping fully in the shower. 

It is so much easier to rinse off your shower walls too! With just a simple hand held shower head, you can clean the spots on your shower that are difficult to reach with a mounted shower head. 

Showering kids and pets

Showering kids and pets can really be a hassle with a mounted shower head. With them being lower to the ground, it can be tough to clean them efficiently. Kids can have the ability to shower more independently while holding the shower head by putting them in control of where the water goes.

You can also save money by washing your pets, especially your dog, from home. Instead of bringing them to the groomer every so often, you can have the luxury of washing them in your bathroom. 

Better assistance for the elderly and disabled

Due to their limited ability, the older age group and diabled can really benefit from a hand held shower head. Most mounted shower heads do not have the convenience of moving to the perfect height for those who have physical limitations. The hand held shower head is more suitable in this condition and gives them better assistance and confidence to shower independently. 

Families should really consider a hand held shower head that can suit all of their families needs without having to worry or struggle when it comes to bathing. 

The perfect shower head for people who needs assistance with mobility is the BRIGHT SHOWERS Stainless Steel Slide Bar Grab Rail Set Ada compliant Includes Handheld Shower Head and 5 Ft. Hose. This hand held shower hose has a grab rail that can help prevent a slip in the bathroom cause more physical pain!

Spa-like Experience

You can turn your bathroom into an everyday spa. Most hand held shower heads come with multiple setting sprays that can help relieve aching muscle and give you the relaxation you need from your day. Bright Showers has many shower heads that have multiple setting sprays so you can choose if you like a high pressure massage or a mist around your back. 

This is perfect for the entire family as well because they also can show what setting is more suitable for them.

Bright Showers also offers products dual shower head systems so you can have the ability of using just the mounted shower head or the hand held! Click Here to view some of our options that can be suitable for your lifestyle.

Conserve Water

One of the best reasons to switch to a hand held shower is because of how much water and money you can save by doing so. Many hand held showers have the setting to ‘water saving’ mode. This setting is very helpful when people shave their legs and do not need to have the water running at the time. You not only save money on water, but also on energy as well! 

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